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Q1) You have been hired as a computer consultant by a small real estate company that would like to set up a Windows network in their office. (There is currently nothing in place.) They currently have ten real estate agents and an office manager in the office. They would like to connect all of these employees on a network so that they can share data (and other office equipment) in order to keep track of customers, sales, employee information, etc...

The company plans to hire an accountant so they want you to configure the network to take this into consideration. They are concerned about the real estate agents getting security rights to the accounting software and resources.


1. Design the Active Directory hierarchy in terms of forests, trees, domains, organizational units, and sites that are most appropriate for this company and their security concerns.

2. Create user account groups (and some representative users) that meet the needs of this company. Consider that the office manager may need to have access to resources (files, printers, etc.) shared by both the real estate agents and the accountant. The groups should be the appropriate types (scope) to accommodate these needs.

Reference no: EM1349527

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