Draw the eerd for main entities of stock trading system

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1. Recognize main entities of stock trading system. (companyName, companyHeadQuaterAddress, publicCompany, tradingExchange, companyTrade, traders, brokerage, transactions)

2. Can you think of more entities other than one described in data requirements to be added to stock trading system?

3. Is ability to model super-type /subtype relationships probable to be significant in such environment? Explain why or why not?

4. Can you think of four more rules (other than the one explicitly described above) which are probable to be used in a stock trading system? Add your rules to data requirements to be implemented.

5. Justify using Relational DBMS like Oracle or SQL server for this system

6. Draw the EERD to accurately represent this set of requirements. This will be Conceptual Design. Clearly specify any assumptions which you are making. You can use any tools (software) to draw EERD.

Reference no: EM13106841

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