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Adam Sandler has a utility function U(C,L)=C^1/2L^1/2. The wages now available to him are $9/hour and non wage incomes in royalties are $6/day. Find the MUL and the MUC. Find the MRS for leisure to consumption to find the optimal ratio of leisure to consumption. Write out and draw the Budget Constraint for Adam Sandler, assuming he has 24 in which he can work.

Reference no: EM13898324

What is the effect of a change in the wage on labor

The short-run production function for a firm in the business of calculator assembly is given by q= 2√L where “q” is finished calculator output and “l” represents hours of labo

Increase or a decrease in the quantity demanded

Indicate whether the following events would cause an? "increase or a decrease in demand or an? "increase or a decrease in the quantity demanded?" for? cable-based Internet acc

Create emotional branding to position their brands

Emotional branding is becoming an important way to connect with customers and create differentiation from competitors. How can companies create emotional branding to position

What is the opportunity cost of the second DVD

Sage has $80 to spend this month on CDs and/or DVDs. A CD costs $10 and a DVD costs $20. What is the opportunity cost of the second DVD? Indicate on your graph the combination

Assume the size of the expenditure multiplier

Assume the size of the expenditure multiplier is ?G = 2. What is the effect of an increase in government purchases by ?G = 200 on income and the interest rate? By how much wil

Encourage consumption of indoor sprinkler systems

A sprinkler system inside of one house does not protect houses on the other side of town. It also requires the homeowner to purchase and install it prior to benefiting from it

Why do you think this price control exists

Identify an instance where a price control is used in our markets. Why do you think this price control exists? Also discuss the possible negative effects it may have on the ma

Can businesses be an important cause of inflation

Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output. Can


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