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Adam Sandler has a utility function U(C,L)=C^1/2L^1/2. The wages now available to him are $9/hour and non wage incomes in royalties are $6/day. Find the MUL and the MUC. Find the MRS for leisure to consumption to find the optimal ratio of leisure to consumption. Write out and draw the Budget Constraint for Adam Sandler, assuming he has 24 in which he can work.

Reference no: EM13898324

Makes posters for large companies

Karen runs a print shop that makes posters for large companies. It is a very competitive business. The market price is currently $1.00 per poster. She has fixed costs of $250.

What is reasonable price to pay for the security

A student investment club, The Millionaires Club, is considering purchase of a security for the club. The current earnings per share is $.75 and is expected to increase by $.0

Great recession the administration has largely policies

classical economists believe that. keynesian economists believe that. in dealing with the "great recession", the obama administration has largely followed the policies of ____

Suppose the value of the cpi

Suppose the value of the cpi is 1.100 in year one 1.122 in year two, and 1.133 in year three. Assume also that the price of computers increases by 3% between year one and year

What is his explanation for why we did not expand medicare

Why does Krugman call Obamacare “The Big Kluge”? What is his explanation for why we didn’t expand Medicare? What do the two interest groups – the currently insured and the Ins

What was UNAMs consumption

In the economy of UNAM in 1968 exports were $45, GDP was $570, Government Spending was $85, Investment was $29 and Imports were $2. What was UNAM's consumption in 1968?

Tendency for oligopolists to cheat on collusive agreements

There is strong tendency for oligopolists to cheat on collusive agreements because: When there is demand-pull inflation, people's total spending in the economy will be falling

Affect supply and demand for air transportation

Explain how Airbus and Boeing develop their 20 year forecasts. Explain how they differ and how they might be similar. Next, identify factors that affect supply and demand for


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