Draw out the pedigree and give the probability

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assume hairy kneecap (hk) is autosomal and recesive. A women has a sister with hairy kneecaps. Neither she nor the rest ofher family have hairy kneecaps. The man has normal kneecaps, one grandparent has hairy knee caps. Draw out the pedigree and give the probability that a couple will have a first child with hairy kneecaps.

Reference no: EM13161213

What organ synthesizes new erythrocytes

Where does ADH act in the kidneys, and what does it do and what is the baroreceptor reflex - what organ synthesizes new erythrocytes and thrombocytes? Does warfarin affect thr

Why to outline some general mechanisms of toxicity

What is the significance, while setting threshold for adverse effects, of the fact that, broadly speaking, solid particulates have much longer biological half times than gas

Explain why the patients died of lack of oxygen

What affect would cyanide have on the electron transport chain and the production of ATP - explain why the patients died of lack of oxygen while their blood oxygen levels were

Proportion of progeny

A haploid cross is made in which the mutant allele has GC at base position 200 in DNA of a certain gene, and the wild type has AT. What proportion of progeny will have the hyb

Homozygous dominant and heterozygous for this trait

In drosophila, the allele for normal-length wings is dominant over the allele for vestigial wings. In a population of 1,000 individuals, 360 show the recessive phenotype. How

Both myoglobin and hemoglobin bind

Both myoglobin and hemoglobin bind to O2.  What is the logic of myoglobin binding o2 with a lower P50 than hemoglobin? Why must a protein exhibiting cooperatively be a multi

Why might this be the preferred technique in some situations

Some microbiologists recommend incubating this medium at 37°C, along with an uninoculated control, and then transferring all tubes to the refrigerator prior to reading them.

Define the bold words from the case study in apa format

About twice a year, one or two more birds from the neighbouring island arrive. What result do these new arrivals have. There are questions that follow the case study and the f


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