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The Lost City has been criticized for its one-sided depiction of Cuba during the revolutionary period. The film examines the Cuban Revolution from the perspective of an upper-class individual, Fico, who serves as the protagonist.

Based on understanding of the Cuban revolution, would you say that this is a fair criticism of the film?

What has the film left out in its depiction of Cuba during the late 1950s?

Does the film take a particular political position on the Cuban revolution or is it a balanced portrayal?

Please draw on the readings, lectures, and films in your essay.

I believe the criticism of The Lost City being a one sided view of the revolution of cuba, fits right in.

The Lost City did an excellent way of depicting a one sided perspective of the beginnings of the revolution of Cuba. Even thought it was an excellent film, it showed the revolutionary characters as uncanny, vicious, manipulative and at times unwise people. The film did not go into detail or even set a preamble of what was happening in Cuban prior to the commencement of the revolution. This film also lacks mention of the main protagonist of the revolution as well as it shows the Dictator Bautista as a mild manner individual.

One of the reasons that supports the critics regarding the film being one sided, is how film briefly what lead the revolution. As Fico's Father is meeting with his brothers, they speak of what is happening in cuba under president bautista, and the brothers get agitatd becase of the lack of care from the father and fico. What the film misses, is the sentiment of the lower class of Cubans. Prior to president bautista. Cuba was being ran under corrupt military regime and as bausitsta reemerges, he takes advantage and abuses power of democracy while accumulating wealth. The people of Cuba demanded his exodous thorugh legal matter and no option was left but to violonteley attack his regime.

Another reason that supports the critics is how the film depicts the main protagonisht of the revolution. The film focuses on Fico's brothers and briefly show comandante fidel and Guevara. To make matters worst whenever these two are shown, they are shown and vicious brutal, abusive men. The film lacks mention of their history. i.e how Fidel Castro was student who's aimed was to provide economical equality for all. And how Che Guevara was an educated young man who seeked change, along side of Fidel.

And the last but not least reason, is how Baustista is depicted as a mild manner individual. For example, as the palace was being attacked he just sitting in his desk with no concern. He is shown as a calm individual imposed by his right hand, as he had nothing to do with the many reasons of the revolution. The film forgets to mention how Bautista led to a coudegra that hailed democracy.

Reference no: EM131144626

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