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Professional Skills for Business Analysis Assignment 2 -

All tasks relate to the same case study that you worked on in Assignment 1 (attached). At the beginning of each task provide a brief 1-2 sentence narrative to introduce it to the client, to explain why the task is there and what it shows.

All questions relate to the following Case Study.

Cosies Insulation has been in business for three years, installing insulation in homes. They have a call centre with 20 staff members, and a sales team of eight.

To generate sales, the call centre staff make a number of calls per day to homes in a given suburb selected for that week's call load. They follow a written phone script to make appointments for the sales team who then visit the homes, and assess the insulation needs. On their return to the office, the sales team members prepare quotations and email them to the prospective customers, and follow this up in one or two days with a phone call to close the sale.

The call centre staff often times encounter engaged numbers, or no answer, which would require them to do call-backs. These call-backs could occur as late as the following week. Each staff member uses a spreadsheet to track engaged numbers, no answers, confirmed appointments and numbers that do not want an appointment. Each of these spreadsheets is then forwarded to the Team Leader who collates them into one spreadsheet which is given to the Sales Reps.

Being paid solely on commission, the call centre staff sometimes make appointment that are not properly vetted via the phone script, and this is a major point of frustration for the Sales Reps. The increasingly high turnover of the Sales Reps and the costs involved in recruiting and training more Reps has finally convinced Management that a new approach has to be found.

As well, acquiring residential data and having it "washed" via the Do Not Call Register as required by Australian law is expensive, therefore ensuring less wastage of residential data and phone numbers is important to Management.

Your consultancy company is tasked with developing a Sales Management Software that will be used by call centre staff to access the residential data bank, make phone calls, and record the phone script answers. In addition to providing reminders for call-backs, the software will also rank the sales lead value for the Sales Reps.

Sales Reps will have the qualified sales leads and their residential data delivered to their mobile devices grouped by postcode and displaying with the leads geolocation markings. The Sales Reps have also indicated that they would like to be able to enter measurements and specifications of the insulation requirements directly onto their mobile devices and receive and instant quotation so that they can be able to close the sale on the spot.

Management would also like to have reports generated by the software and these would include sales reports, call centre activity reports, geographical coverage reports, and commission reports for the payroll department.

Task A - Project Journal - attached as an Appendix to your report

Develop a project journal (a log of YOUR OWN real activities in doing Assignment 2). Use a table with columns with number, date, activity, explanation and status. This is the diary of your project.

Task 2.01 - "To-be" design - activity diagram

Provide the "TO-BE" core business process for your new system (BPMN or UML).

Task 2.02 - Organisational change

Compare your "As is" and "To be" diagrams to assess the impact of the new system on previous pre-automation processes and prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team on the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these can be managed.

Task 2.03 - Screen design

Develop screen designs for two MUST stories, identify business rules; justify your design.

Task 2.04 - Acceptance Criteria

Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done.

Task 2.05 - Applications Architecture

Draw an applications architecture diagram showing interfaces for all systems in the Case Study that will be operating at the client site and their connections to your new system.

Task 2.06 - Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Draw an ERD for the core process (not the whole system).

Task 2.07 - Report to Client

Presume you have completed a "waterfall method" processes of RFT, evaluation of tenders and selection of a solution/supplier. Write the executive summary of the Report to client where you explain the processes undertaken and recommend a preferred supplier.

Task 2.08 - Scrum Organisation

For your Agile approach, you have opted to use the Scrum development process. Outline to your client, who will take on the role of Product Owner, what the role entails, and what you as the Scrum Master will do to support both Product Owner and Scrum Team on each sprint.

Task 2.09 - Video:

As your project is near completion the client asks for a brief report. Produce a 5-6 minute "elevator pitch" video clip explaining to the client what you have done since your last report (assignment 1) and how you did it. Provide a URL link and test it. If your marker cannot watch your video then it won't be marked; please make sure you can be clearly seen in the video.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

Reference no: EM132306195

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Please Note: Assignment 2 is related to assignment 1. Please find attached assignment 1 for your reference and do the assignment 2 as per the requirement. Please tell the expert to do according to the specifications given in the assignment 10marks should be in 1 page 5marks should be in half page Harvard style 10 references. "related to assignment 1 case study" video transcript and also have to do Screen design, erd , activity diagram.


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Provide Task A at the end of the report half page. Task 2.01 "To-be" design - activity diagram (10 Marks) 1 page Task 2.02 Organisational change (10 Marks) 1 page. Task 2.03 Screen design (10 Marks) 1 page. Task 2.04 Acceptance Criteria (10 Marks) 1 page. Task 2.05 Applications Architecture (5 Marks) half page. Task 2.06 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) (10 Marks) Draw an ERD for the client's booking process. Task 2.07 Report to Client (10 Marks) 1page. Task 2.08 Scrum Organisation (10 Marks) Minimum 1 page. Task 2.09 Video: (10 Marks). Provide a PPT and transcript.


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