Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of h

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Use the Fantasy5 dataset on the companion website for given exercise, with data from 2318 games of California's version of the same scheme as the Pennsylvania Cash 5 game.

a. Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of H, the highest number each day, and compare it to the equivalent picture for the Cash 5 game, shown in Figure. Do you expect them to be similar? Are they?

b. Consider each game to be a random sample of size 5, drawn without replacement from the integers 1 to 39. Which column in the dataset represents the median for each of these random samples?

c. Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of the median.

d. Find the mean of each of the 2318 samples of size 5. Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of the mean.

e. Compare the sampling distributions of the median and the mean. Which one is more spread out? Why do you think that is the case?

1360_Fig 9.jpg

Reference no: EM131417107

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