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Please read this to finish the final draft of this paper.

Read Articulating Your Philosophy of Nursing by Janice Denehy, RN, PhD, Executive Editor. Use this article as a guideline as you develop your own Philosophy of Nursing!

This is a scholarly work. Do not write in first or second person. Refer to your APA 6th Edition Manual for correct formatting. Requirements: Title Page; Introduction to what a nursing philosophy is, why is it important; Development of Personal Nursing Philosophy: Influencing factors; Conclusion - Personal Nursing Philosophy; Reference Page (minimum of 2 references).

Your final draft of the Nursing Philosophy Statement is due this week. Look over your work and make any changes or revisions needed. Attach is the one first paper that you guys wrote.

Please go over it and make the final corection. But must first the philosophy to see where to fix

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Reference no: EM13854244

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