Downwelling affect sea surface temperature

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Compare the direction of Ekman transport in the subtropical gyres of the Northern Hemisphere versus the Southern Hemisphere. Explain the difference.

How and why do coastal upwelling and downwelling affect sea surface temperature?

Define thermohaline circulation and describe how it is maintained in the ocean.What role is played by the Coriolis Effect in western boundary currents?

How does the wind direction over the Arctic Ocean compare to the direction of motion of the underlying ice floes?

Reference no: EM131437209

Video regarding the built environment

After watching the video regarding the built environment and its links to health: What are some ways that you think that we can engineer our local communities to be safer and

What would be the phenotypic and genotypic proportions

When red phlox are crossed to white phlox, all the offspring are pink. In addition, tall plants breed true, but short plants never breed true. A cross of short plants gave 7

Design a test to discover the mechanisms

Design a test to discover the mechanisms by which plants perceive this difference and change the developmental patterns of leaves. For the first way, I know that concentrati

Calculate maximum torque and corresponding speed

The volts/hertz ratio, which corresponds to the rated voltage and rated frequency, is maintained constant. Calculate the maximum torque and the corresponding speed for 60Hz

Which lane shows digest with ecori only

What impact has society had (or still have) on the progress of scientific inquiry? How do ethical or moral values affect research and the sharing of scientific information? Ho

Why jeff and trina collected some wildflower seeds

jeff and trina collected some wildflower seeds from a medow and scattered them along the roadside near their home. As the weather got hotter, some of the seedlings began to

What respect might you make a similar argument about insects

Joshua Ledergerg said, "Our only real competition for domination of planet remains the viruses." In what respect might you make a similar argument about insects.

What are the scientific names of the only reptile

Both chemical and physiological buffering systems exist in the body. What are the two organ systems involved in physiological buffering.


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