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1. Benefits Communication (Graded)

Does your current (or previous) organization have a strategy in place to communicate its benefits plan to employees? If so, how effective is it, and what can be done to improve it? If not, what are your thoughts on putting a benefits communication plan in place? Would it be beneficial?

2. Benefit Administration and Cost Controls (Graded)

Insurance providers and employers alike are searching for techniques and strategies to help control their benefit costs. Has your organization been able to find ways to improve your benefit program or add new benefits without adding a heavy cost burden to your department or your employees? Will your organization's budget for employee benefits be growing, staying the same, or potentially shrinking over the coming year?

Reference no: EM131156932

Explain the employment-at-will doctrine

Explain the employment-at-will doctrine. How does this doctrine conflict with the belief that workers are more than just a commodity that can be bought and sold in a labor m

What is the current price

If investors require a return of 10.5 percent on The Jackson-Timberlake Wardrobe Co. stock, what is the current price? What will the price be in three years? In 15 years?

How would develop a job analysis plan for alshaya company

How would you develop a job analysis plan for Alshaya Company? Explain the steps and approaches that you would use in job analysis?Assume that you are appointed as HR manager

Discuss the thoughts about hr functions in todays world

In Chapter 1 we talk about the role HR plays within today's organizations. It's logical is it not? Today, the most valuable asset a company can have is its employees! Years

Discuss about the learning to become a machine operator

This means that the presentation should be about Learning to Become a Machine Operator: The Dialogical Relationship Between Context, Self, and Content from a Human Resources

Determining members of the national labor relations

Is the selection process for determining members of the National Labor Relations Board too politicized? Explain your response. Does the current selection process lead to insta

Explains the historical evolution of leadership

Title of Paper: Leadership History. Write a paper (in APA sytle) that explains the historical evolution of leadership thought from 1900 to present, specifically addressing t

Develop appropriate strategy for core hrm activities

Manage the employment relationship, which is a shared responsibility between employers, management, human resources specialists, and employees. Develop appropriate strategy


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