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1. Benefits Communication (Graded)

Does your current (or previous) organization have a strategy in place to communicate its benefits plan to employees? If so, how effective is it, and what can be done to improve it? If not, what are your thoughts on putting a benefits communication plan in place? Would it be beneficial?

2. Benefit Administration and Cost Controls (Graded)

Insurance providers and employers alike are searching for techniques and strategies to help control their benefit costs. Has your organization been able to find ways to improve your benefit program or add new benefits without adding a heavy cost burden to your department or your employees? Will your organization's budget for employee benefits be growing, staying the same, or potentially shrinking over the coming year?

Reference no: EM131156932

How could the author expand on the results

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Prior to engaging in this discussion, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance. It is suggested that you review a few of the recommended articles to glean any helpful inf

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Reflecting on the exercises you have completed thus far and incorporating information from the text, analyze how demand theory applies to public policy and the economics of

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Brief overview of the main provisions of hipaa

Your company's CEO is interested in implementing a new dental plan for employees and has asked you to do some research. The CEO wants you to report back to him in 3 weeks wi


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