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Chapter 15 Assignment Question - Careers in Law Enforcement

Complete the following chapter assignment question. This question is drawn directly from your text readings and involves a comprehensive understanding of each chapter. Your response to the question should be at least 500 words. Be sure to use APA format, and to support your response with citations and references.

1. Discuss what you believe is the greatest challenge facing policing in the 21st century. Why do you think that? How will it affect recruiting, hiring, training and career progression for contemporary law enforcement officers?


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o Textbook: Walker, S., & Katz, C. (2018). The Police in America: An Introduction. (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

Chapter 15: The Future of Policing in America

o Module notes


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o Milgram, A. (2013). Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime [Video, 12 minutes 41 seconds].

Module 8: Module Notes: Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining a Professionalized Police Force

According to Meade (2016) one of the most critical challenges facing the future of policing will be recruiting, selecting, and retaining a professionalized force. Although the skill-set for law enforcement positions vary on the specific agency, three have determined to be stand- out traits:

• level-headedness

• superior communication abilities

• internal drive to public service

The problem being, these skillsets are desirable and highly sought after in every organization, public or private, and the competition is fierce even among local, state, and federal agencies. Some of the most common questions being asked by potential law enforcements officers are:

• What does your agency have to offer?

• Does your agency offer a take home car?

• Does your agency pay overtime or have a variety of specialty assignments?

• Does your agency offer early promotional opportunities?

• Does your agency offer time-off in order to study for promotional exams?

• What is the work environment like in your agency (Meade, 2016)?

Meade (2016) a 34-year veteran of policing, emphasized the need for a strategic recruiting, selection, and retention plan, which should include the following points:

• Determine and prioritize specific traits that an agency and community desires in their police officers and then hire officers based on those who possess those desired characteristics.

• Recruit and select officers who are compatible with and capable of achieving organizational goals, and who understand community demographics.

• Place an emphasis on retaining officers that understand the mission and goals of the agency.

• Sell your agency through social media.

• Diversity requires a consistent and aggressive action plan because every agency is looking to have a police force reflective of their respective communities.

• Streamline the hiring process.

• Conduct frank and honest exit interviews when officers leave, and use their feedback to bolster retention efforts.

• Develop personal relationships with veterans' organizations, directors of law enforcement academies, and deans of criminal justice programs with colleges and universities.

• Follow up constantly with potential candidates.

Capps (2014) noted 10 traits that agencies must consider in future recruiting, selection, and retention protocol:

1. Initiative: recruits must possess strong critical thinking skills in order to remain aware and proactive to crime trends and patterns.

2. Sense of Ethics: recruits must possess the ability to behave ethically-to do the right thing.

3. Respect and Knowledge of Laws: recruits must possess the intellectual ability to understand and apply federal and state laws.

4. Communication Skills: recruits must possess outstanding verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

5. Common Sense: recruits must possess the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions, as well as sound and prudent judgments based on a simple perception of the situation.

6. Civility: recruits must possess the characteristics of civility-represented by action or inaction-which include tolerance, kindness, consideration, and understanding.

7. Service Mentality: recruits must possess a deep internal desire to the serve the needs of the community.

8. Humility: recruits must possess the virtues that stress modesty and respect for others, as well as a lack of arrogance and bravado about oneself.

9. Controlled Temper: recruits must possess the traits of self-control, self-discipline, competence, confidence, and emotional maturity.

10. Thirst for New Knowledge: recruits must possess the desire for obtaining new knowledge, evolving as people and professionals.

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Reference no: EM132280348

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