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We learned about a Thesis and an Introduction last week. For your Learning Journal assignment, you will create your own Thesis and Introduction for your own research paper. The introduction should be at least 1 paragraph long and can be as long as 4 paragraphs. Remember, you can use this link to help you:

An outline for the paper is optional, but it will help you craft your ideas later.

Your instructor will use the following rubric to grade your Learning Journal:

Aspect 1: Does the student have a thesis and introduction?

Aspect 2: How strong is the thesis? Is it more appropriate for a 5 paragraph essay instead of a research paper? Are there things the student should expand or draw back?

Aspect 3: Focusing only on the introduction, does the introduction give a proper map to the rest of the paper? Does it discuss the thesis in enough detail? Are there things the student can add in to strengthen the introduction?

Aspect 4: Is this a work of original thought? Has the student used a solid analysis of the topic to bring about his or her thesis?

Aspect 5: How free of spelling and grammar issues is the introduction? Are there repeating errors that can be pointed out?

Reference no: EM131256337

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