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I need better transitions sentences between paragraph and when using quotes, I need better expanations of the quote that can support the arguement!

I attach the research essay that I did. In this essay, I had to write an essay of 8-10 pages that makes an argument (you need a thesis that makes a claim and that is at the end of the intro) about (at least) one work of literature; cite at least 8 sources; develop one idea (one argument) per paragraph; compose a conclusion that brings the essay to a logical conclusion; and lastly include a work cited page. Make a good flow of the research essay and relating paragraph with quotes that fit with the topic. Explain the plot in the intro but in a relatively quickly way. Has to be MLA Style and at the last page listing all the work cited pages used.

My thesis was: The life and experiences of F. Scott Fitzgerald is reflected with Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby; the fixation on creating wealth by any means and becoming someone of "value" does not lead to happiness but a failure and rather to a life of hollow existence.

Do you think my thesis is supported through the essay?

Questions that that you can ask yourself when checking my work,

Does the essay fulfill the goals of the assignment? Does the essay provide sufficient development of each idea, including quotes from the primary text? And if so, is MLA Style used correctly? Does the organization of the essay make sense? Are there grammar and mechanical errors in the essay?

Attachment:- Rough_Draft_Research_Essay.rar

Reference no: EM131348370

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