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Artwork takes time, thought, and effort. To me these things are what makes a piece of art extraordinary. When you can tell the artist has put considerable amounts of time into their art, I appreciate it much more than if they had taken something ready-made. I recently admired handcrafted earnings made in Hungary. The owner of the earnings informed me how long the artist had spent creating this artwork and how privileged she felt to have them. The artist of the earnings put enormous amounts of thought into this piece of art. First, she needed to think of a clever, original design, most likely first sketching out her idea on a piece of paper, and then handcraft her idea into a reality. Handcrafting metal into an intricate design is no easy task; since she did spend hours of time on just this one pair of earnings, that art has become much more intriguing to me and my appreciation for it has increased. What do you guys think? Does putting considerable amounts of time into a work of art make it more meaningful?

Reference no: EM131004098

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