Does anderson think that long tail will eliminate mega-hits

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Case Study 2: The Long Tail

Wired Magazine, Oct 2004

Read The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. This is a (medium) long article.

Answer the following questions:

1. What limitations do "brick and mortar" stores have that Anderson tells us online stores do not have?

2. Anderson tells us that the "80/20 Rule" does not apply to the ability of online products to make money. Does he think the 80/20 Rule is incorrect? Explain, including what the 80/20 rule is..

3. Does Anderson think that "the Long Tail" will eliminate "mega-hits?" Why or why not?

4. Anderson recommends cutting prices to make more money. Why does he think this would increase profits?

5. How can businesses use customization to increase their "Long Tail" revenue?

Reference no: EM13776010

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