Does an organization have any ethical responsibility to

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Reference no: EM13522550

Diferences between staffing in the private and public sector

What are the differences between staffing in the private and public sectors? Why would private employers probably resist adopting many of the characteristics of public staffin

What are the limitations of disparate impact statistics as

Do you agree that “the employer usually has the upper hand” when it comes to establishing the employment relationship? When might the employee have maximum power over the empl

Would it make sense to staff the plant initially with

Would it make sense to staff the plant initially with a flexible workforce by using temporary employees and then shift over to a core workforce if it looks like the plant will

Suggest some ethical reasons for the active pursuit

One of the strategic staffing choices is whether to pursue workforce diversity actively or passively. First suggest some ethical reasons for the active pursuit of diversity, a

Applicant reactions and transition to selection

According to the OFCCP, to be considered an Internet applicant the person has to submit an expression of interest, the employer has to consider the person, and the person has

Strategy development

Realistic job previews should be part of the initial exposure of the organization to applicants because that is when they are most effective at increasing satisfaction and red

Changing nature of jobs

Many small-business owners, general managers of start-up strategic business units, and top management members perform flexible jobs that are difficult to classify in tradition

Staffing planning

A manager has collected data on sales, the economy, and taxes over a number of years, and statistically estimates an equation that describes how each of these predictors has a


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