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Reference no: EM1381121

Download an image from the Online Companion site or find an picture of your own. Add text around the picture. Experiment with the float property and its values to view the way that the text wraps. Test the work in multiple browsers to verify that the text wraps consistently. Create a document with screen images and comments on the different values of the float property that you tested and summarize the results in different browsers.

Reference no: EM1381121

Explores the relationship between sound, place, and memory

Image Adaptation Project: For this project, you will be selecting an iconic image or logo that is associated with a particular place. Using Photoshop, you must create at lea

Creating web page named taxes.html

Build a Web page named taxes.html and enter the Income Tax function into the HEAD. In the BODY of the page, prompt user to enter values representing his or her income and item

Design and develop a web site for the bsit program

Purpose: To design and develop a web site for the BSIT program offered by the MSIS Department of College of Management, UMass Boston to promote this program to potential stu

Create a students table in the sdev database

In this exercise we will create a small table in MySQL and then use a PHP form to insert collected from the user into the form. Create a Students table in the SDEV database,

Prepare the mobile site

You need to believe consistency is very important in web sites.  If you are consistent throughout your pages it is much simpler to navigate.  Not only is it easier to naviga

Define a preliminary scope statement for a project

Define a preliminary scope statement for a project to build a simple interactive web site for this class. The web site should be accessible only by current students and inst

Building an internet site for your small personal business

In this assignment you will be building an internet site for your small personal business or of your academic and personal accomplishments that you can use when you begin yo

Make a dynamic web page

CO539 Assessment  - Food Hygiene Ratings - For this assessment, you are going to use JQuery and AJAX to make a dynamic web page that communicates with two server-side scripts


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