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Task 1A Describe the organization in which the training will be conducted. 

  • Explain why this training needs to be conducted. Prepare an outline to set the scene.
  • Describe the industry - type of industry, new developments in training in the industry and any future directions
  • Identify and describe a situation (real or hypothetical, work practice / procedure which requires a training solution
  • Describe the role/s of workers requiring training/assessment and how the learner will fit with work demands as well as identification of any OHS implications
  • Identify who the stakeholders are - Who is the client? Who is the learner/candidate? Who else do you need to consult with?
  • Identify a benchmark - Unit of Competency, Standard Operating Procedure, Policy/Procedure that you can use to develop your training

Task 1B Document a work-based learning program for an individual

  • You may use or modify the attached template
  • Collaborate and gain agreement with the learner and supervisor to finalise plan
  • Plan to show that facilitator and learner have signed off on plan (this may be via email)

Task 2 Establish the facilitation/learning relationship, implement the work-based plan and  maintain the relationship

a. Describe your use of interpersonal skills in building an appropriate learning facilitation relationship, including communication skills such as:

  • Using effective verbal and non-verbal language
  • Using critical listening and questioning techniques
  • Giving constructive and supportive feedback
  • Assisting learners to paraphrase advice or instructions back to the trainer / facilitator
  • Providing clear and concrete options and advice
  • Using appropriate industry / professional terminology and language
  • Ensuring language, literacy and numeracy used is appropriate for learners

b. Describe methods to encourage learner to take responsibility for learning and self-reflection

c. Describe methods used to facilitate learner's transfer of skills and knowledge

d. Report on progressive facilitator / learner interactions:

  • Documented record of meeting dates, time, content,
  • Describe changes of approaches and outcomes

Task 3  Close and evaluate the relationship, monitor and review the effectiveness of the learning pathway

a. Provide documented evidence of learner evaluation of learning pathway and facilitation relationship

b. Describe your reflections on the effectiveness of the work-based learning pathway and your ability to build and sustain individual relationships (checklist attached)

c. Describe any changes you would make

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Reference no: EM13201782

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