Do you think the media shapes political policy

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Please read the article "Why Medical Bills are Killing Us." Tell us your response to reading this article. Have you or your family member had any personal experience with the cost of being hospitalized? YES What struck most about the financial aspect of healthcare costs? EXPENSIVE What do you understand about the GDP?

Do you think the media shapes political policy? YES How or why not? What do you find is the best method for keeping up with political agendas and where do you find yourself in the political philosophy? Do you take on a leadership role in politics? NO Why or why not? NO TIME BUT I WOULD LIKE TO GET INVOLVED AND POSSIBLY TAKE ON A ROLE IN THE FUTURE

Think of the most influential media source. Which source is it and why is it influential?

Article link:,2,26,MedicalCostsDemandAndGreed.pdf.

Reference no: EM13975757

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