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DISCUSS - Alcohol Consumption Among Minors

Over-consumption of alcohol has serious social and nutritional consequences. Like many schools, USU has a strict on-campus alcohol policy ("No Alcohol at any time or anywhere on campus. Legal and responsible drinking off campus. No illegal drugs"). Despite this, underage drinking and drinking among non-minors on campus still occurs and is difficult to enforce (as an example, Michael Starks, a USU student, died of alcohol poisoning in November 2008 after a party with his college peers (See Link (Links to an external site.)). Why do you think underage drinking continues to be a problem in our country? What are possible solutions for changing this? Do you think "responsible drinking" is OK once someone reaches the age of 21? Why or why not? Remember to back up your position with credible sources and reference your information.

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Reference no: EM131032494

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