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You will need to complete the following tasks in SPSS:

Activity 01:

Enter all data from the spreadsheet "Data for Assignment 2"into SPSS. You will need to set up the variable view with the following 11 variables and then enter the data in data view:

a) Student_ID,         

b) Year_Enrolled,

c) HI001_Final_Exam,

d) HI001_Assignment_01,

e) HI001_Assignment_02,

f)  HI002_Final_Exam,

g) HI002_Assignment_01,

h) HI002_Assignment_02,

i)  HI003_Final_Exam,

j)  HI003_Assignment_01,

k) HI003_Assignment_02.

Activity 02:

a) Do a frequency table, histogram, normal Q - Q and the de-trended normal Q-Q for each one of the 11 variables.

b) Do descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum) for each one of the 11 variables.

Activity 03:

a) Do at least 10 different correlations between the any pairs of variables: For example:

o HI001_Final_Exam and HI002_Final_Exam

o HI001_Assignment_01 and HI001_Assignment_02

b) For each correlation discuss the results:

o Are they are positive/negatively correlated?

o Are they weak or strong correlations?

o What is the significance value?

o What does the significance value reveal about the data we have used?

Activity 04:

a) Do a Cronbach's alpha reliability test on the following 9 variables: HI001_Final_Exam, HI001_Assignment_01, HI001_Assignment_02, HI002_Final_Exam, HI002_Assignment_01, HI002_Assignment_02, HI003_Final_Exam, HI003_Assignment_01, HI003_Assignment_02.

b) Discuss the results.

a. What item/s can be deleted to improve reliability?

b. What items should never be deleted to maintain reliability of data?

c. How many items need to be deleted to achieve maximum reliability?

Activity 05:

a) Copy -paste the data view and the variable view from your SPSS file to a Word document.

b) Copy-paste ALL the output from all the activities requested in Activity 01 to 04 in SPSS and put the answers in the same Word document.

c) Answer all discussion questions requested in Activity 01 to 04 and put the answers in the same Word document.

d) Submit a hard copy of Assignment 02 Word document to Holmes.

e) Submit a soft copy of the SPSS files used in SPSS and the Assignment 02 Word document online under Assignment 02 final submission.

Attachment:- DATA.xlsx

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Reference no: EM13742017

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