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Purpose of this Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your critical thinking skills and understanding of the course concepts to analyze how the enterprise architecture (EA) affects various elements of the organization. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcome:

• conduct stakeholder analysis to identify concerns and appropriate viewpoints


One of the keys to successful enterprise architecture (EA) implementation is the support offered by important stakeholders.
Stakeholders are those with an interest in a given project. There are varying degrees of stakeholder involvement, which may be described as being in the following groups:

• Key Players-These are the most important stakeholders; they have a vested interest in the approach, content, and output of the EA.
• Keep Satisfied-The next most significant group are those who must obtain what they need from the EA and are less concerned with the construction and specific content of the EA.
• Keep Informed-This group has a need to know what is being done and how it will benefit the organization overall; they have little interest in any of the details of how the EA is developed and used.
• Minimal Effort-This group has little interest in the EA and requires little attention during the EA development effort.

The benefits of successfully managing stakeholders include the following:

• Obtaining support from the most influential stakeholders will help ensure that they both help to shape the EA and to improve its content and products.
• Influential stakeholders are in a position to allocate human and financial resources to the EA effort, making it more likely to succeed.
• Ongoing communication with stakeholders ensures their understanding of the process and benefits of EA, and enables their support if needed.
• Successful management allows the EA team to draw on the support of stakeholders with a positive view of the process if they need to address negative reactions or setbacks in the organization.
(Concepts contained herein were derived in part from The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), v. 9.)


Using the DMV Case Study and the Stakeholder Analysis Exercise spreadsheet provided, you will complete the three columns of the spreadsheet for each of the ten stakeholder groups listed on the spreadsheet.

First, explain the interest or concern that the stakeholder has in the development of the EA. Then, identify their "class" or role in the EA as one of the four shown above (Key Player, Keep Satisfied, Keep Informed, or Minimal Effort). Finally, briefly explain your reasoning for selecting the class/role that you did.

Complete the spreadsheet and submit it via your Assignments Folder by the due date shown in the class schedule.

Attachment:- stake holder.xlsx

Reference no: EM13750290

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