Diversification and the multibusiness company

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This week's reading assignment focuses on diversification and the multibusiness company. Locate an appropriate article that is related to this week's reading assignment. Provide a summary of the article. Discuss what crafting a diversification strategy entails.

Reference no: EM131297036

Automated marketing performance systems

Many firms use automated marketing performance systems. Describe the value of deploying a marketing performance system.  What are some of the key marketing metrics applied?

Explain the relationship between a business organizational

In your own words, define organizational strategy. Explain the relationship between a business's organizational strategy and its projects. Based on your budding understandin

Individual with a standard set expectation

A code of business ethics is essential. It provides the company and the individual with a standard set expectation. It explains what is important to the company, what values

What are the various types of business risks

Assume you are an entrepreneur and that your business has only one customer, the federal government. What are the various types of business risks to which your firm is expos

Happy beginning of an exciting life ahead

On the eve of leaving her alma mater, Stacy Engineer remembers the encouraging words of the commencement speaker. "Graduation is the happy beginning of an exciting life ahea

Various types of direct compensation

A strategic purpose for a well-blended compensation program, one that includes various types of direct compensation, is gaining employee commitment and productivity. One of

Explain why manufacturing firms may be more exposed

A health club differs from manufacturing firms in that it produces a service rather than products.- Explain why manufacturing firms may be more exposed to competitors that are

Friend of nathan from graduate school

You are a friend of Nathan's from graduate school. You took an organizational communication class together, and you even gave a presentation together about leadership in com


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