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Demarcus is a 50% partner in the DJ partner. DJ has taxable income for the year of $200,000. Demarcus received a $75,000 distribution from the partnership. What amount of income related to DJ must Demarcus recognize?

A) $200,000

B) $75,000

C) $100,000

D) $37,500

Reference no: EM13123966

Affect the company revenue goals

Explain how purchase of the apple press might affect the company's revenue goals. Based on this information, explain whether Anthony's Orchard should invest in the apple pre

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Now is the time for you to create TEN original sentences using derivatives from this module. Do not use the ones in the exercise above. Make sure that your sentences include

Adjusting journal entries and partial balance sheet

On jan 1 07 daniels company contained these liability accts. Accts payable 42,500 Sales tax payable 6,600 Unearned service revenue 19,000 During january

Prepare the journal entries to record the deferred

Management has determined that they should record a valuation allowance equal to the net deferred tax asset. Assuming a tax rate of 34%, prepare the journal entries to recor

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Overhead costs are allocated on the basis of activities

If overhead costs are allocated on the basis of activities, the amount of overhead allocated to a particular product can be reduced by increasing the number of activities

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1.We hear a lot about people filing discrimination claims lately. Can something be discriminatory, but not be deemed illegal discrimination? If so, please provide an example

Director of continuous improvement of a company

Assume that you have recently been hired as the director of continuous improvement of a company. You are an outside hire with limited history of the firm and personal capita


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