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QUESTION: Distinguish between a Mega-Event and a Hallmark Event, focussing on their defining characteristics and their role in encouraging tourism. Illustrate your essay through a detailed discussion of two case studies.

This will require one case study each for both types of event. Your case studies must each be substantially based on a journal article or book chapter of your choice (not an internet site or newspaper/magazine article).


1. NO APPENDIX all relevant material must be incorporated into the main body of the essay.

2. Must use comprehensive Harvard in-text referencing.

3. ALL in text references should include page numbers (eg Wood, 2006: 54 - clearly showing that the information was sourced from that page). This applies to all references, not just quotes.

4. You should only reference what you have read. If you read about an IOC report in Allen, reference Allen - that's what you read.

5. Do not reference internet sites, magazines or newspapers. There are no exceptions. They can be used as background research, but are not to be referenced.

6. Base your essay on academic sources, eg journal articles, books, chapters in books. Only reference these sources.

7. There is a maximum of five sources per essay. Choose wisely what is worth including. Remember, no internet references, magazines or newspapers.

8. Many journals are now online and it's okay to use these. Don't give the URL, use the title, volume and issue no etc.

9. Communication skills are important. Proofread carefully. The standard of your expression will affect your mark.

10. A completed statement of authorship must appear as the first page of your assignment.

11. The choice of case studies is up to you. Making an informed choice is part of the essay process and require you to demonstrate skills in research and using the library.

Lecturing and tutoring staff will not provide examples, nor will they approve your choice.

LENGTH: 1,500 Words

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Reference no: EM131029232

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