Distance vector routing with link state routing

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Question 1:

Describe the differences between a repeater, a switch and a router. Why is a router generally more expensive and complex than a switch, and why is a switch generally more complex and expensive than a repeater?

Question 2:

Designing IP Addressing schemes and configuring IP Addressing is a common activity undertaken by network engineers. Consider an ISP is granted a block of addresses starting with The ISP needs to distribute these blocks to 2500 customers as follows:

a. The first group has 180 medium-size businesses; each needs approximately 128 addresses.

b. The second group has 500 small-size businesses; each needs approximately 16 addresses.

c. The third group has 1800 households; each needs 4 addresses

Design the sub blocks and give the slash notation for each sub block. Find out how many addresses are still available after these allocations.

Question 3:

Consider the diagram below. Which of the two central routers (R1 and R2) is more critical for network operations and why?

Question 4:

Contrast and compare distance vector routing with link state routing.

Question 5:

Describe Poison ARP and describe how it can be used to compromise a network. What measures can be used to protect a network from Poison ARP?

Reference no: EM13826293

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