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Byron inc. decided 0n august 1, 2010, to dispose of a component of its business. The component was sold on November 30, 2010. Byron's income for 2010 included income of $250,000 from operating the discontinued segment from January 1 to the sale date. Byron incurred a loss on November 30 sale of $220,000. Ignoring income taxes, what amount should be reported in the 2010 income statement as the net income or loss under ' discontinued operations ' ?

a. $220,000 loss

b. $30,000 loss

c. $30,000 income

d. $250,000 income

Reference no: EM13124475

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In addition to understanding the Internal Controls present within your client's company, the auditor must also evaluate whether these controls are in place, and implemented

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Bateman Corporation sold an office building that it used in its business for $800,000. Bateman bought the building ten years ago for $600,000 and has claimed $200,000 of dep


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