Display all the lastnames from the customers table

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Reference no: EM13767536

Display all the LastNames from the Customers table and any associated OrdersIDs from the Orders Table. Show the LastName even if they do not have any associated orders. Order the results by LastName in ascending order.

Reference no: EM13767536

Define and discuss the concept of transitive dependency

Define and discuss the concept of transitive dependency. What is a surrogate key, and when should you use one? What is a partial dependency? With what normal form is it associ

Prepare report consisting of address and characteristics

Create a user sign-in form together with a registration form for new users and create a form that allows the user to check the availability of apartments in a particular categ

Assignment- database administrator for department store

Assignment: Database Administrator for Department Store, The Strayer Oracle Server may be used to test and compile the SQL Queries developed for this assignment. Your instru

Prove that the decomposition of r into r1 and r2 is lossless

Let R be a relation schema with a set F of FDs. Prove that the decomposition of R into R1 and R2 is lossless-join if and only if F+ contains R1 ∩ R2 → R1 or R1 ∩ R2 → R2.

Formulate and list functional and multi-valued dependencies

Formulate and list the functional and multi-valued dependencies. Show how you apply the steps to arrive at the tables and at each iteration, explain whether each derived tabl

Normalize the table by listing the 2nf tables

Answer Yes or No to the following Functional Dependency questions. Base your answers on the data shown in Table X below. There are no further rows in this table.  Provide re

Create a query with all fields from the student table

Create a query with all fields from the student table, where the student's last name is "Smith".Create a query that includes students' first names, last names, and phone numbe

What type of architecture does each dbms use

Determine each system's compliance with the functions that we would expect to be provided by a DBMS. What type of language does each system provide? What type of architectur


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