Discussing the constitutional law

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What test would a court apply to determine the constitutionality of a law that prohibits stock brokers from marketing subprime mortgages?

Reference no: EM1328620

Examine the impact of the media on gender socialization

Examine the impact of the media on gender socialization and stereotypes. In this discussion forum, students are required to provide a reaction or brief summary and analysis

What were the consequences and the outcome of the case

Explain the particulars of the corruption case you have chosen (place, date, a concise overview of case/example).  How was the case of corruption revealed, and what were the c

Moral issues and hold different moral standards

If men and women do think differently about moral issues and hold different moral standards, Ethics needs to incorporate the results into an appropriate ethical theory. What

How does values affect your ethical decision-making

What commonalities do you see in the values you have chosen. How do these values affect your ethical decision-making. What will you do when one or more of the

Create a new genetic programming system

COSC 5P71 Genetic Programming Assignment. System: Create a new GP system with some interesting features, for example: Koza's tree-based GP system in a language of your choice

Discussing the value of general education skills

In the last few weeks, we have been discussing the value of General Education skills such as Critical Thinking and Communication. Now that you have identified how these skil

Description of your personal safety plan

Post a blog post that includes: A description of your personal safety plan for your field education experience. An explanation of how your personal safety plan might differ fr

Environmental problem-rainforest deforestation

Clearly indicate the issue you will discuss and the influence this problem has on land, air, water resources, plant life, animal life, and human societies. Discuss the long-te


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