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Question: Identify a list of 10 peer reviewed social work journals from the library that you might find helpful relative to your social work practice interests.

In a 100-150 word paragraph, discuss why using research studies from peer reviewed journals is important to the development of knowledge in social work. For example, discuss the advantages of having articles reviewed by other scholars and researchers. Then using a case illustration, describe how articles from peer-reviewed journals can help to inform your social work practice decisions with clients, communities, agencies, and/or social work policies.

Reference no: EM132185099

Vygotskys perspective on cognitive development

Provide concrete examples of language and social interaction in pre-school children and explain them in terms of Vygotsky's perspective on cognitive development in early chi

What problem area would the internet intervention address

Provide a general description of the proposed internet intervention. How would the effectiveness of the proposed intervention be tested? What are any legal and ethical issues

Impact josephs nervous system

Joseph is a 59-year-old construction worker who recently suffered a stroke. A small blood clot became lodged in one of the vessels serving the right side of his brain and rest

Describe the resource explored explaining how it works

Describe the specific example or resource selected (title given), the age group intended for, and the content area it covers. Describe the example/resource explored explai

National organization on disability harris survey

According to the 2004 National Organization on Disability/Harris survey, described in the case study: In the Eye of the Perfect Storm: Creating Accessibility - IBM, GM, and

Research and study the medically unethical case

Research and study the medically unethical case. Review the story and its outcome. In a 2-page synopsis, explain the story: the legal and ethic malpractice and the results.

Annual employee performance appraisal

Many organizations conduct an annual employee performance appraisal to help develop employees and base salary increases on the quality of the appraisal.

African american religion contributions

Question 1: What do you see as African American religion's contributions to U.S. society and how are they related to the three new themesin African-American religion in the


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