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It seems like we cannot go a week without hearing of a major incident of hacking. Some recent large issues included incidents effecting Target, Google, Facebook, Playstation, and University of Maryland among others. All of these organizations believed that they were safe until they found out that they were not. In fact, most of them did not know that they were hacked until the Government picked up messages containing the hacked information being transmitted outside of the country. The following video discusses one such attack which included a significant healthcare player (Merck).


The healthcare industry, as the rest of our society, trusts the information that is contained in our system. The following video presents the story of a person whose identity was stolen, a hospital that believed that they had treated her, and the repercussions that she experienced due to this error.


This last issue addresses medical devices. Many medical devices are computers which are controlled remotely. There have been instances of these devices being hacked, adversely affecting the patient. The following video discusses the issue.


This problem is so serious that, when Dick Cheney was Vice President and received a pacemaker, the Secret Service determined that his pacemaker would not have the ability to be remotely managed. The following video discusses the specific issue with the Vice President.


At this point, we have to expect that there is a possibility of these types of attacks whether it is stealing personal information, stealing a person's identity, or remotely hacking into a medical device.

Reference no: EM131082600

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