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Website Sharing and Feedback

This discussion provides an opportunity for you to participate in reciprocal feedback regarding the website created in the Week Two Assignment. The feedback you give and receive will support enhancements to your website as you continue to develop it throughout the course leading up to the final evaluation in Week Six. Review the Week Three Instructor Guidance for further details about participating in this discussion.

Initial Post: Create an initial post that includes a link to your website created for the Week Two Assignment and that addresses the following:

a. Discuss your experience creating the website. Note any challenges you experienced and how you overcame them.

b. Share something that you learned while constructing your own website and discuss what you have enjoyed or disliked most about the process of creating the website thus far.

c. Reflecting on what your finished website will look like, describe your vision for the website's design and content and how you can potentially use this as a personal resource or in your current or anticipated professional practice.

Reference no: EM13899399

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