Discuss why these differences might have arisen

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A manager is hoping to appoint a new assistant and decides to use the AHP to rank the applicants for the job. Then, as a check, she decides to repeat the process using SMART. She is surprised to ?nd that the ranking of the applicants derived from the AHP differs signi?cantly from the ranking suggested by the SMART analysis. Discuss why these differences might have arisen.

Reference no: EM131133464

Supply chain challenges in post-earthquake japan

Research and analyze potential improvements to the Japanese auto supply chain, as presented in the "Supply Chain Challenges in Post-Earthquake Japan" case study in Introduct

Some methods of initial assessment appear to be more useful

Some methods of initial assessment appear to be more useful than others. If you were starting your own business, which initial assessment methods would you use and why? When f

Calculate the expected inventory turnover for next year

The owner of Genuine Reproductions (GR), a company that manufactures reproduction furniture, is interested in measuring inventory effectiveness. Last year the cost of goods

Which is time between when two successive orders are placed

A specialty coffeehouse sells Columbian coffee at a fairly steady rate of 400 pounds annually. The beans are purchased from a local supplier for $2.40 per pound. The quantity

Determine current break-even point in dollars

The local convenience store makes bread. Currently, their oven can produce 50 pieces of bread per hour. It has a fixed cost of $2,000, and a variable cost of $0.25 per bread.

Prepared to identify specific challenges present here

This case study comes from my friend Andy who works for a major tech company in Washington. Watch for breakdowns in communication from all parties and be prepared to identify

Benefits account for large share of employee compensation

Although benefits account for a large share of employee compensation, many feel there is little evidence on whether an employer receives an adequate return on the benefits inv

The administrative expenses remain the same

Suppose Company A had Gross Sales of $1 million last year. The cost-of-goods-sold was $0.4 million and the administrative expenses totaled $0.2 million. By how much could the


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