Discuss what role the cdu has played during the development

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Provide a historical perspective of the EU by discussing how it started and where it is today.

In addition, research the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) which is a Christian-based political party that is focused on applying the principles of Christian democracy and emphasizing the Christian understanding of humans and their responsibility toward God.

Discuss what role the CDU has played during the development of the EU.

All key components of the Discussion Board Forum question(s) are answered in a new thread.

Major points are supported by the following:

- Reading & Study materials.

- Good examples (pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples are acceptable).

- Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts).

- There are 4 citations used to support analysis.

Required word count (200 words) is met for each reply.

Major points of are supported by the following:

- Student addresses issues raised in fellow student's posts accordingly.

- Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts).

- There are 2 citations used within each reply.

Clarity is brought to issues being discussed and reply relates issues to biblical principles.

Proper spelling and grammar are used.

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There are two questions that are answered with references quoted in APA style. There are 4 references, each answer has 2; and total words are 400. The information provided here is complete and correct as per my knowledge.

Reference no: EM131088365

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