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Prompt: Continue to develop a proposal that is intended to win a contract to redesign a website for a spa. You will discuss user analysis and usability testing. There are several user analysis techniques you can use to gather requirements from users. Examples include user interviews, requirements workshops, user surveys, user profiles, user journeys, and customer experience maps. In this element of your proposal, you will choose five requirements-gathering techniques that you might use. You may also consider discussing potential downsides or consequences for using these techniques. Provide the owner with the following:

User Analysis: Techniques

• A description of each of the five techniques

• An explanation of the ways in which each technique would benefit the design of the spa's new website

Usability Testing: Summary

• An explanation of the value of usability testing

• A description of at least three different types of usability testing and how each is related to user-centered design best practices
Usability Testing: Selection

• The type of usability testing that you would use after designing the website prototype and your justification for using that type Guidelines for Submission: Apply appropriate organization and document formatting that is specific to your audience (the spa owner). Remember, this is how you can emulate a unique, professional proposal to further differentiate your proposal from others the client may receive.

Format: Two pages, APA Style with references, Double Space.

Reference no: EM131085413

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