Discuss two trends of increased cyber victimization

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All essay responses must be a minimum of 200 words, not counting references listed at the end or repeating of the question, and cited per APA guidelines. A minimum of two scholarly resources is required to support your response. There must be a minimum of 3 in text citations cited properly.

Course Text Book is Taylor, R. W., Fritsch, E. J., & Liederbach, J. (2015). Digital crime and digital terrorism (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

1. Discuss two threats of the information age. Discuss at least one specific example of each.

2. Define, discuss, and provide a detailed dialogue of an example for each of the following: information warfare, cyberterrorism, and cybercrime.

3. Discuss the four categories of computer crimes. Provide a specific example of each.

4. Discuss two trends of increased cyber victimization.

5. Discuss two specific instances of information attacks over the past ten years. How could they have been prevented?

6. Briefly explain choice theory and routine activities theory and the relevance to digital crime.

7. What is the difference between cybercriminals and hackers? How can some hackers' actions be legal?

8. Define social process theories. Which learning theory is the most beneficial in the study of individuals who commit cybercrimes, and why?

9. Discuss two psychological theories of crime. Provide an example of each type in relation to cybercrimes. You must discuss a specific criminal for each and assign the appropriate psychological theory. This will require outside research on your part.

10. How is social media used in cybercrimes? Give at least two specific examples.

11. What is the major law making identity theft a federal crime? Explain the effectiveness of this law, and suggest more effective ways of combating identity theft.

12. Explain the four primary environments in which viruses operate.

13. What is a Trojan horse virus? Briefly summarize how they work.

14. Discuss how most viruses and malware are classified. How is exposure measured?

15. How has the Internet increased the number of people, including children, who are sexually exploited or victimized? Using specific statistics, studies, and cases, outline and discuss the evolution of Internet exploitation. Include a discussion of specific crimes and any laws enacted to combat these crimes. Are they effective? Why, or why not?

16. How do child pornographers use the Internet? How does law enforcement track and prosecute child pornographers?

17. What are some examples of domestic terrorist groups that use cyberspace? How do they use cyberspace to spread their messages and carry out their crimes?

18. Discuss the law enforcement initiatives that are trying to combat cyber-sex crimes. What are the prevalent jurisdictional issues, issues with evidence and detection, and suspect identification?

19. What is the legal definition of a hate crime? Is this definition sufficient? How would you change it, if at all? Also, define right-wing extremism and left-wing extremism. What is an example of a left-wing group? What is an example of a right-wing group? How does each group use the Internet to carry out their nefarious activities? What tools does law enforcement have to combat these groups?

20. How does one determine whether an action is a search and whether such search is reasonable? You must include a discussion of at least one relevant case.

21. What are the roles, responsibilities, and initiatives of the FTC in combating cybercrimes?

22. What are the roles, responsibilities, and initiatives of the Secret Service in combating cybercrimes?

23. What are the roles, responsibilities, and initiatives of the Department of Energy in combating cybercrimes?

24. What are the roles, responsibilities, and initiatives of the ICE in combating cybercrimes?

All responses should be 75 words and APA format-

1. Explain what a worm is and how it functions. (75 Words)

2. What is false authority syndrome, and what risks does it pose? (75 Words)

3. What is a pseudo virus expert? (75 Words)

4. Define and distinguish adware and spyware. Give an example of each. (75 Words)

5. What is a DoS attack? How does it work? (75 Words)

The responses should be 500 words using APA format and in text citation-

1. Outline and explain the evolution of ONE of the following criminal enterprises. Make sure you give a specific example of a crime perpetrated. (This response should be 500 words.)

Choose one of the following:

a .African criminal enterprises, b. Asian criminal enterprises, c. Balkan criminal enterprises, d. Eurasian criminal enterprises., e. Italian criminal enterprises., f. Middle Eastern criminal enterprises., g .Mexican and South American criminal enterprises.

2. What are some challenges that local law enforcement officers face? What do law enforcement officers need to combat computer crimes at the state and local levels?

3. Explain the process, step by step, that electronic evidence must follow to be admitted at trial. You must make reference to the necessary Federal Rules of Evidence. You should also discuss at least one illustrative case example.

4. Identify and explain at least three different federal statutes related to digital crime.

The paper should be at least two pages in length. APA format is required for all citations and references.

Project: Part 1

Throughout the Unit Lessons (now might be a good time to go back and review them) and the textbook reading in this class, we have met some pretty creepy characters. Now it is time to create and investigate your own computer criminal!
You must make this person up from scratch; do not outline a real person or case. You will invent a cybercriminal, and identify the following information:

1. Name and background (education, family, etc.)
2. Where the criminal lives
3. Where the criminal works

Now, create a fact pattern (narrative) explaining in detail this person's crime or crimes. (Fact pattern is a term used in many areas, especially law. In law, the term fact pattern simply means the true and accurate description of what happened in a crime, or alternatively, events leading to a lawsuit.)

Include the following:

1. How do they do what they do (equipment, funding, etc.)?

2. Under what psychological theories and profiles do they fall?

3. Are they a member of any specific criminal organization?

4. What is their classification, and how are they identified as such (hacker, script kiddie, etc.)?

Next, develop a fact pattern where this person commits their ultimate crime. Walk us through the steps of the crime: how is it carried out, upon whom is it carried out, and what is the ultimate goal of the criminal? Use as much detail as possible. Do they use a virus? Are they infiltrating a company they work for? How? What kinds of systems do they use? What kind of systems do they infiltrate?

Project: Part 2

Thepaper should be at least two pages in length. APA format is required for all citations and references.

Take the criminal invented in Part 1, and complete the following tasks:

You are a law enforcement officer that has arrived on the scene, been assigned to track down, whatever the case may be, the computer criminal you created in Part I of this Project for this course.

Summarize your answers to the following questions:

1. What is your first step? Why?

2. What agency do you work for? Why are you the correct person/agency to catch this criminal? Explain your jurisdictional authority.

3. What law or laws are applicable to this criminal and these crimes? Why?

4. How are you going to work with other agencies?

5. Locate and identify the evidence.

6. What search and seizure procedure did you follow?

7. Provide a chain of custody, tracking the evidence.

8. How do you authenticate the evidence for trial?

9. Do you catch the criminal?

10. How is he or she prosecuted? What court hears evidence, and why? What rules of evidence are used?

11. Was this project an effective exercise? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM13860199

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