Discuss the various forms of product liability

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1. Do some quick internet research and find a case involving a suit against a corporation concerning the corporation doing something illegal. Summarize the facts of the case and the court's decision. What are your feelings about this case? Be sure to provide your research reference.

2. How is a corporation formed? What should be included in the "articles of incorporation?" How does a corporation finance its operations? Please be specific about how each type of financing works.

3. Identify and discuss the various forms of product liability. 250 words.

Reference no: EM132281063

Compute value of the firm operations

Wonka Confectioners most recent FCF was $48 million, which is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6%. The firm's WACC is 12% and it has 15 million shares of common stock ou

Explain the potential sources of conflict in organizations

Identify and explain the potential sources of conflict in organizations and ways to resolve the conflict.

Hamburger buns from national bakery supplier

A fast-food restaurant buys hamburger buns from a national bakery supplier. The daily usage of buns at the restaurant is normally distributed with an average of 160 and standa

What are areas of social responsibility or sustainability

IKEA child labor law case - What are the areas of social responsibility or sustainability (environmental, social or economic) that apply to this case and how do they apply?

Give the answer of muliple choice question

More and more companies are discarding the traditional superior-subordinate performance feedback process and replacing it with:In the Research Highlight, Chaos: Software Proje

Discuss the advantages of using quantitative risk assessment

Discuss the reasons as well as the advantages and disadvantages on why a project manager creates and manages a project risk matrix.Do you believe it is possible to eliminate

Understand the risks of operating a small business

Know the benefits and risks of completion? Understand the risks of operating a small business? Know the basics of a business plan? se and interpret financial ratios? Know the

Challenge the validity of the osha inspector''s request

An Unannounced Inspection The Situation: An OSHA inspector arrives at your worksite requesting to talk with you about an inspection based on the health and safety complaints


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