Discuss the use of sbirt in nursing practice

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Question: Topic: Drug use - Heroin


Introduction to this drug use: Clearly identify the problem and discuss specific statistics from your community related to this problem. You may use city or county data. Community/City is Chicago, Illinois.

Problem description: Utilize one scholarly reference to describe this drug use. Discuss reasons why this may be a problem in your community. Cite all sources.

Community resources: Describe at least two available community resources (in Chicago, Illinois) to which you may refer people who have this problem or an increased potential for acquiring this problem. You are to provide the names of these resources and brief descriptions. You may use online resources if community resources are not available.

Conclusion/future implications for nursing: Provide a summary of your findings. Discuss the use of SBIRT in nursing practice.

References: Provide all references for all sources utilized. Use APA format.

Reference no: EM132183842

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