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Scenario: The shipping manager for Galaxy Toys Toledo, Ohio branch, Bart Aldrin, has been in his job since 1969. Prior to coming to Galaxy, Bart worked as shipping clerk for International Shipping, a large container company. Bart quickly rose to supervisor at International Shipping because of his ability to plan daily work, provide detailed instructions to workers that helped optimize the way tasks were performed and his knack of implementing processes so workers could be trained to perform their specialized sequence of motion in the most efficient way. He brought this management style to Galaxy, which helped to improve the methodology of toy assembly as well as the shipping processes. A major shift in management occurred in the late 1980’s and early 90’s that caused Bart (and other managers) to reconsider their management approach. For example, heightened competition, advances in technology, the workers threat to unionize, their greater demand for employee management participation, work-life balance and a general shift in employee workplace values all affected the culture of Galaxy. A greater focus on employees led to a new approach to management at Galaxy: people focus. The owners of Galaxy embraced diversity and were willing to hear the ideas of employees and this was change in attitude and culture was evident in Bart, who embraced these changes wholeheartedly. These internal changes enabled the company to adapt to uncertainty and to respond to its competitors more quickly. Answer the required assignment elements making sure that the facts of the scenario and the course readings support the reasoning of the answers provided.

• Identify and discuss the school of thought that best describes Bart’s management style when he first joined Galaxy. Remember to explain the facts that you have relied upon in your selection.

• Discuss the theorist under the identified school of thought that best depicts Bart’s management style when he joined Galaxy. What contribution did this theorist make to management and why was his or her contribution important to the field of management? Remember to explain the facts that you’ve relied upon in your selection.

• Identify and discuss the school of thought that best describes the management style Bart used once the shift took place? Why is this school of thought the best choice? Remember to demonstrate that the facts given in the scenario align with your choice.

• Identify and discuss the theorist who best supports this school of thought. Address the principles of the theory and how these principles affected the new approach to management as exhibited Bart and his fellow managers. How does what the theorist proposed, support the facts in the case study?

• Compare and contrast the two schools of thought that were identified above.

Reference no: EM131224335

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