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We will discuss the technology and channels involved in delivering customer service. The Forbes article titled "Abandon Email as a Customer Service Channel at Your Peril" discusses the channels of customer service that consumers prefer to use. What do you feel are the customer service channels people are most willing to use to resolve problems? The least willing? Explain why for both. Provide two detailed examples of your own personal experiences with the most preferred channels, as well as two examples of your experiences with the least preferred. Assignment should be 2 pages in length. 

Reference no: EM13841898

Provide an analysis of the ethical and legal foundations

Provide an analysis of the ethical and legal foundations of the health care policy issue you selected. Explain what the ethical issue is, and present the pro and con ethical

Summary of the marketing environment

Executive Summary with key findings and recommendations. Clear and concise description of the market in which the organization operates and Summary of the marketing environmen

Does the isp offer full life cycle services

Does the ISP offer full life cycle services, including 24/7 accessibility, data storage, 24/7 customer support? What is the ISP's depth and breadth of technical expertise?

How can facial recognition technology be used in retail

How can facial recognition technology be used in retail settings? Who could benefit? Why are retailers reluctant to reveal that they are using facial recognition technologies

Text as to why national health insurance

Read Chapters 3 and 4. Answer the questions in your own words (typing sentences directly from your text is not accepted) and submit your document in the drop box. Substantiv

Outlines an action plan for development

Explore and develop key capabilities in one of the three key leadership capabilities (competencies) addressed in the unit - develop an action plan of key events and activitie

Information systems development life cycle

Pick a business task you would like to computerize. How could you use the steps of the information systems development life cycle as illustrated in Figure 12.3 to help you?

Will ames be able to collect damages from bowen

The next day, without knowledge or notice of Bowen's contract with Curd, Ames began construction. Bowen ordered Ames from the premises and refused to allow him to continue.


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