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Question: Assignment Instructions

1. Select a research topic from the list included or consult your instructor about a different topic.

2. Conduct research on your topic using at least two sources.

3. Write a Research Paper with a Body length of 2-3 pages using APA style.

4. Double-space your Research Paper.

5. Include a Title Page, an Abstract with Key Words, a Body, and References.

6. In the Body of your Research Paper begin with an Introductory Paragraph and end with a Concluding Paragraph.

7. Submit a Draft Paper to receive a SafeAssign report about potential problems with plagiarism.

8. Consider using the Writing Lab to provide assistance with editing your paper.

APA Style

APA style should be used to cite all of your sources of information.

Here are some basics of APA style:

• The main components of an APA paper are: Title page, Abstract with key words, Body of your paper, and References.

• References only include sources that you cite in your paper. (Do not include sources that you do not cite.)

• In-text citations use the author/date method of citing sources in the body of your paper.

Why Wikipedia Should be Avoided

Wikipedia is a valuable first stop to gain basic information on a topic. However, there are pitfalls to using any wiki, such as wikipedia in academic writing. Here are some reasons:

• content is anonymous.

• content changes constantly so your reader may not be able to view what you have viewed.

• content can be difficult to assess for errors or completeness, especially if you are not an expert in a particular area.

Research Topics

1. President Obama used fiscal policy tools to prop up aggregate demand during the Great Recession. Provide an overview of these fiscal policies and evaluate their effectiveness in the recovery after the Great Recession.

2. Discuss the short run and long run advantages and disadvantages of the bail outs of investment banks and corporations in response to the Great Recession.

3. Explain how monetary policy was used in the recovery from the Great Depression. Analyze the effectiveness of this monetary policy action.

4. Explain the fiscal tools available to the federal government. Explain the limitations and problems associated with fiscal policy. Explain the consequences of using them incorrectly. Finally, explain the relevance of a current fiscal policy proposal in your own life.

5. Explain how globalization has changed the U.S. economy. Identify winners and losers, including the U.S. consumer in your analysis.

6. When the economy is at full-employment, it can only grow further through technological advances and accumulation of capital. Thinking about the "creative destruction" process of capitalism, explain how education is a requirement for technological advances to lead us to growth. Explore the relevance of such a scenario in your personal life and in your job search.

7. Discuss the use of deficit spending to respond to economic downturns. Evaluate the long-term consequences of deficit spending. Is our total deficit too high? Is this the right time in the business cycle to decrease spending? How might the deficit affect your future?

8. Analyze the aging of the U.S. population and the financing of Social Security. What do you think should be done for the long-term benefit of the nation, senior citizens, and taxpayers to place social security on a sound financial footing going into the future.

9. Explain the opportunity cost of not providing excellent early education. In your explanation define opportunity cost and explain the external benefits that result from educating someone else's children.

10. Create your own research topic based on your own interests. You can start by looking in newspapers or business journals about current issues in the macro economy. Focus on topics with a clear macroeconomic application such as: opportunity costs, scarcity, unintended consequences, supply and demand issues, and fiscal or monetary policy applications. When you start looking for macro paper topics, you'll find they are everywhere!

Reference no: EM132183989

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