Discuss the rise time-the overshoot and the settling time,

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In the movement of a robot arm, the arm is commanded to go from position 1 to position 5. Discuss the rise time, the overshoot, the settling time, and the steady-state error as it applies to the movement of a robot arm?

Reference no: EM13247302

What are the electric and magentic fields in materical

An x-y plane separates two materials. Material 1 covers z 0 region. There is no surface current or charge on the boundary between the two materials.

Determine how many overflows will occur

The input capture option on the HCS12 is used to measure the period of a 100 Hz signal. With an E-clock of 24 MHz and no scaling, how many overflows will occur Assume the fr

Show that the acceleration of the particle lies in x-y plane

A charged particle (charge q, mass m) is moving under the influence of a magnetic field B = B0 az. If the velocity vector of the particle is v = v a ax +- vy ay + vx az Show

Obtain input value from two switches on the logic designer

Design a circuit that, given a 2-bit value, will light a LED corresponding to that value. One of four LEDs should be lit for each of the four possible input values (binary 0

Discuss which of the two values to display on the leds

A circuit is needed to display a 4-bit value on the LEDs of the logic designer. This value can come from two different sources. Design a circuit using four 2-to-1 multiplexe

Find impulse response of equation using z-transform

For the difference equation below, find the impulse response by first solving without any transforms. Assume sequence is zero-valued for n

What is rms voltage across the primary side of transformer

A) What is the rms current in the circuit B) The primary side of the transformer has 20 times as many turns as the secondary side. What is the rms voltage across the primary

What are the equivalent admittance and conductance

Three branches having impedances of 3 + /4 O, 16 - /12 ft, and - / 4 ft, respectively, are connected in parallel. What are the equivalent (a) admittance, (b) conductance, an


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