Discuss the reasoning for the crime according to offender
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In this Module we learned about the three types of multiple murders: Serial, mass or spree murders. Choose one case of multiple murder (either serial, mass or spree). Research the case online (do not use Wikipedia as anything other than a jumping off point) and write a paper summarizing the case. Present this summary in the form of a 3-5 page paper which will be used as a supplemental reading in a class on criminal behavior. In the paper:

Provide a detailed description of the case and the type of multiple murder it signifies. Use at least three sources beyond your online notes and assigned textbook.

Discuss the reasoning for the crime according to the offender (if available) or other sources

Analyze the case in light of at least two psychological theories that may explain or add to the understanding of the event or case

Draw a conclusion about the psychological causes of this crime.

Remember, this paper will be assigned as required reading for another class, so make sure that you appropriately define all of the psychological terms that you use as if you were writing for someone who does not have any background in the subject.

Please be sure to include a cover page and a reference page. The paper should be appropriately formatted and cited in accordance to APA standards.

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