Discuss the proper collection of evidence

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Directions: Please answer each of the following questions and ensure that each response is at least one page in length. Please use proper APA formatting and cite any sources used. Visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines.

Essay Questions:

1. Discuss the proper collection of evidence at the origin of a fire that is suspected of being initiated by gasoline. Describe the proper submission of controls for laboratory examination.

Chapter 15 Essay Questions:

1. What are taggants and how are they used to identify explosives?

Essay Questions:

1. What phenomenon underlies many of the new chemical techniques used to visualize latent fingerprints? Why is this phenomenon so valuable in fingerprint visualization?

2. When should a fingerprint be "lifted" from a crime scene? Describe how to lift and preserve a fingerprint using adhesive tape.

3. What is digital imaging and how is it used in fingerprint analysis? What is the greatest limitation to digital imaging?

Criminalist Mick Mickelson is collecting evidence from a fire scene. He gathers about a quart of ash and soot debris from several rooms surrounding the point of origin. He stores the debris in a new, clean paint can, filled about three-quarters full. Seeing several pieces of timber that he believes may contain accelerant residues, he cuts them and places them in airtight plastic bags. A short time later, a suspect is arrested and Mick searches him for any signs of an igniter or accelerants. He finds a cigarette lighter on the suspect and seizes it for evidence before turning the suspect over to the police. What mistakes, if any, did Mick make in collecting evidence

Reference no: EM13795008

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