Discuss the process that vw is going through in re-inventing

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Assignment Guidelines: length is 6-9 pages (excluding references). Assignment must include introduction, body, and conclusion. If sources are used, sources should be properly cited.

Read the following articles (and any other sources) to gather an understanding of the VW scandals

Overview of the issue

Social computing

• Describe the effects that social media or computing had on the VW scandal

• If you were the head of Marketing at VW, how would you use social media (or computing) to fix the company's image?

Management factors

Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems
• Discuss the process that VW is going through in re-inventing itself after the scandal
• Use Porter's competitive model to analyze VW's industry status

Chapter - Information Security
• Explain how VW's Information System was compromised in the scandal (discuss unintentional and deliberate threats, items such as information security controls, and Risk mitigation strategy that was used in the aftermath)

Chapter - Data and Knowledge Management
• The article mentioned ‘...At least 30 volkswagen managers played a role in using software to cheat on emissions testing...' indicated there was a large network of corruption within the organization.
o Explain the ways that data governance, big data, data warehouse, and knowledge management systems can be used to name the related parties

Chapter - Information Systems within the organization
• The purpose of FAIS and ERP is to facilitate communications among the department. How can these communications have helped to alert executives of the ongoing corruption?

Customer factors

Chapter - Ethics and Privacy
• Discuss the impact that a vehicle recall would have on the breach of consumer data in ethics and privacies.

Chapter - Customer relationship Management and Supply Chain

• Discuss the ways that CRM systems will be leveraged during the recall process
• Discuss the ways that Supply Chains are impacted during the recall process

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Reference no: EM13873320

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