Discuss the possible use of x-team extreme execution tools

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Discussion :

X-Team Paper Students will continue their analysis of the team they selected to complete their Team Analysis Paper by creating an X-Team. To do this analysis, students will apply the principles from X-Teams:

How to Build Teams That Lead, Innovate, and Succeed to the team analyzed for the Team Analysis Paper.

Students will provide a summary of the previous analysis then speculate on how the chosen team could apply the three X-Team Principles in the future, discuss the possible use of X-Team Extreme Execution Tools, discuss the needed X-Team Support Structure, as well as the Infrastructure and Key Success Factors needed to create X-Teams.

The paper is 8 pages, +/- a page, plus a cover page and reference sheet.

APA, Times New Roman, 12 point Font.

Reference no: EM132280001

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