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Question 1: In your own words, explain how temperament and personality differ and discuss their commonalities.

Question 2: Discuss the physiological evidence and genetic evidence that personality traits are real.

Question 3: Design an experiment, containing control and experimental groups, to systematically investigate whether a personality trait is environmentally determined or genetically determined. Clearly state your variables (which trait you will study and the population of participants) and control and experimental groups.

Question 4: Select two of the traits in the Five-Factor model of personality traits and explain how differences in the two traits are strongly associated with differences in motivation. Provide two examples of the relationship between personality traits and motivated behaviors.

Question 5: Brains of introverts have been found to be more active than the brains of extroverts. Discuss the evidence that supports this statement. Or, conduct additional library research to find data that refutes this statement and discuss the evidence you found. Summarize the evidence. In your opinion, after reading the evidence, what do you think is the evolutionary advantage of the excited brain of an introvert?

Reference no: EM131089652

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