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Operations and Information Management - Assignment One

The manufacturing/service process design is based on a considerable number of potentially conflicting variables and represents, in essence, a number of trade-offs. Arguably, the Nature of the Business, the Nature of the Product, the Nature of the Market Place, and the Supply Chain Dynamics, affect all decision-making pertinent to process design, management and development.

A) By taking as an example a product or a service from an industry that you are familiar with, critically discuss the main factors that influence the manufacturing/service process design.

B) Discuss how the five Operational Performance Objectives may influence decision-making associated with process design and layouts.

In your answer you must consider Demand Management, Inventory Management and Forecasting, and the effect of other functions of the organisation such as Marketing, Procurement,and Supply Chain Management. Some examples of products/services researched by students in the past include: Smart Phones (specific makes and models), Cars (specific makes and models), NHS A&E Departments, Restaurants, Waterworks, Nuclear Power, Shipbuilding, Waste Recycling etc. The list is potentially endless.

This assignment represents 50% of your overall module mark. The maximum word count is 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding Table of Contents, Executive Summary, References, Appendixes and Tables. You will also need to take the following into account when completing your assignment:

- Quality of executive summary (does it give a brief complete summary of your paper for an executive to read?)
- Establishment of relevant theory (e.g. what do we mean by process management?)
- Allocation of credit and sources used (have I included references and citations to the material I have used?)
- Clarity of argument
- Overall report presentation including spelling and grammar
- Adherence to nominated word limit (+/- 10%)
- Word processed (letter size 12, times new roman, 1.5 space), fully referenced (Harvard Referencing System)

The assignment must be submitted via OnlineCampus. Please remember that marks for assignment will also be awarded in relation to presentation and structure, and aspects such as use of examples, figures, tables, illustrations and statistics that indicate wider/independent reading. Please see at the end of this document the school Marking Criteria for your level of study.

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The work is in 3000 words in Harvard in MS word where the focus has been on the operations and the risks management of the company of Wison. A proper discussion has been on the five performances of the operational management which will be able to handle the different risks which are related to the setup of the company hence, there are proper setup structure as to how process the build up stricture.

Reference no: EM131230481

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Good day, i'm doing my Masters please would like help with the Assignment Overall level (indicative – not for grading) Standard comparable to journal publication Scope Outstanding clarity of focus, includes what is important, and excludes irrelevant issues. Understanding of subject matter Outstanding with critical awareness of relevance of issues. Outstanding expression of ideas. Literature Comprehensive literature review. Evaluation and synthesis of source material to produce an outstanding contribution. Critical analysis based on evidence Standard of critical analysis – showing questioning of sources, understanding of bias, independence of thought Structure of argument, leading to conclusion Well structured, compelling and persuasive argument that leads to a valuable contribution to the field of study, paving the way for future work.

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