Discuss the law of conservation of energy
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Question: Your organization is about to review its energy use and develop an energy plan, including as many renewable power sources as possible. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for upper management about fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative or green power sources. 

Prepare a 500 words essay discussing the following topics:

Discuss the law of conservation of energy with an explanation of how this law applies to energy use and energy conversions.

Discuss the pros and cons of the following: ?Fossil fuel: oil, natural gas, and coal

Nuclear energy

Solar energy

Wind power

Water (hydro) power

Bioconversion (biofuel)

Research and discuss 2 provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, including the possibility of tax incentives.

Sources should be referenced and cited in APA style


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Conservation of energy refers to the entire process in which the use of energy is monitored and that there is a process of regeneration of the energy. The overall intention is that the energy being a non renewable resource must not be used in such a manner that the future generations are deprived of the use of the same.

In addition to the same there must be efforts to use renewable sources of energy in place of non renewable sources so that there is better development of the overall lifestyle of the people of the country and the energy is not depleted at any time (Elkana, Y, 1974).

Fossil Fuel – Fossil fuel is a renewable source of energy and the same can be very easily used for the generation of the power and energy. It is very easy to generate the same in rural parts. However this is criticised on the point of high pollution content in the generation of energy (Challoner, J, 1993).

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