Discuss the importance of the process for data storage

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3 parts to this assignment: Directions:

1st part: needs to be a one page summary of the following:

Implementing an EHR is a major undertaking for a healthcare organization. It involves numerous activities and impacts every department, including health information management. Health information management departments should cautiously plan to successfully execute workflow processes that will change.  Workflow is the way in which information flows throughout the department, in order to complete the process of record completion and storage.

In a one-page summary, define workflow analysis and explain the steps necessary when attempting to complete a workflow redesign in an HIM department. Also describe the benefits that an EHR can contribute to workflow, as well as the challenges.


2nd part: needs to be a separate paragraph:

Discuss the importance of the process for data storage and retrieval through an EHR. Explain why the data collected at patient registration is so important to an organization.


3rd part: needs to be a separate paragraph:

Cure-All Hospital is in the process of upgrading their electronic health record (EHR). There will be new jobs and responsibilities associated with this upgrade. One job in particular will be a MPI Manager. This person will oversee the MPI process to maintain the integrity of the MPI and facilitate synchronization with other indices throughout the organization. A new job description needs to be created. Outline the key elements to the job, including updated responsibilities and qualifications. Are there other areas in the department that will likely be impacted by the EHR upgrade? Explain your thoughts.



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Reference no: EM13674296

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